SICO GROUP has developed and manufactured innovative products: Contact adaptor and Pourer adaptor for bottles fitted with protective closures. After experimenting and testing, first patent for Contact adaptor was registered in 1990's in London Patent Office. Since then, SICO GROUP produced various different types of Adaptors to meet the special requirements for certain brands.

Contact adaptor and Pourer adaptor are the only way to fit all drink measures and pourers to bottles with protective closures.

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New and improved Contact and Pourer adaptor

19 May 2015

Den Sitar, CEO of the company Sico Group developed his first Contact adaptor and registered it in London's Patent Office in 1990's. Soon after the Contact adaptor, he developed a...

Pourer adaptor with 3 ball liquor measure pour spout

19 May 2015

Sico Group Ltd. formed a partnership with US company, Precision Pours Inc. from Minessota and imports a 3 ball liquor pour spot into the European market. Shortly after they expanded...

Jagermeister Contact adaptor and Pourer adaptor

19 May 2015

In the need to protect the quality and the brand itself, more and more alcohol producers are inserting protective closures in bottles neck. As it is necessary in one way,...

Counterfeit products

19 May 2015

In today's business world many times we find forged or copied products, some of which applies to the alcohol industry.